Education verifications for employment 

Education verifications for an employment are important tools for employers to ensure that their  potential candidates have the necessary qualifications for the job. It also serves as a preventative measure against fraud and misinformation on resumes. Therefore, it is imperative to obtain education verifications for employment  before hiring a new employee!

We will contact the educational institution listed on the applicant’s resume to confirm that the applicant did indeed attend the school and earn the degree(s) claimed. Education confirmation  can also be used to verify professional certifications.

The processing times for these education verifications are relative to each one of the institutions and will be provided to you.

The cost of this service is also determined by each institution.

  • This service can be used for: Prospective employees 
  • Existing employees.

Benefits of using an education verification service:

  •  Helps ensure that employees are credible and have the necessary qualifications.
  •  Can help avoid hiring unqualified candidates
  • You can reach us by email at to request our consent forms.
  • Please send us your completed and signed consent forms via email.

You may acquire the most precise and complete information about your prospective employee by requesting the package that includes the criminal record check and job reference verification.

 The following information is required :

  • The name of the person you wish to verify
  • Their date of birth
  • The name and address of the institution
  • The dates of attendance
  • Any other relevant details about their education (e.g. course of study, degree earned)