Québec court criminal records check 

Find out whether your candidate has a Québec criminal court record by running a Québec criminal court search.

Achieving a secure hiring process is possible by requesting to conduct a Québec criminal court search  of your potential  employee.

The Québec  criminal court  search  is an invaluable tool that can help you make informed decisions about potential employees, and ultimately protect your business from any future issues.

Our firm  has access to the public registers, which contain  criminal court records  in Québec. We offer the  criminal court records check in Québec to employers and organizations that need to screen their employees or candidates.

No consent form is required to access a criminal court  record of a candidate or employee in Québec.

By simply sending us an email at with the last name, first name, and birth date of your candidate, you will quickly receive our comprehensive report for further evaluation.

We pride ourselves in offering quick and reliable turnaround service, typically within one day or the following business day.


A quick search of Québec’s court records reveals a convicted criminal record as well as pending charges against a candidate.

 You can get a Quebec  criminal court search  on any candidate today!

Information required to do  Québec court criminal records check 

  • No consent form is necessary. 
  • You only need to provide us with the last name, first name, and birth date of the candidate by email to