Verification of a driver’s license in Québec

The verification of  a driver’s license in Québec ensures that the applicant is qualified and authorized to perform the tasks required by the job. Checking the applicant’s  driver’s  license may be an important procedure that can help avoid accidents and reduce civil and criminal liabilities in the event of an accident

The applicant’s driving history, including accidents and violations, should be checked as well. The employer must know if the applicant has been convicted of any driving-related offenses, such as DUI/DWI, hit-and-run, or reckless driving. These convictions may disqualify the applicant from operating a company vehicle.

In addition, the applicant’s driver’s license should be valid.

Applicants who successfully pass the initial screening and driving test may be required to undergo a background check. This check may include a criminal history check.

Employers should use caution when considering applicants with poor driving records or no insurance coverage. These applicants may pose a higher risk to the company and should be carefully screened before being hired. 

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